It is very common these days to talk about foo-washing, because corporations and politicians try to show a more friendly face by adopting some cosmetic and superficial approach to some socially relevant concern, and diversity and gender equality are a very prevalent social concerns thus, could it make sense to talk about diversity-washing?

Ii could be possible that some companies that have a pro-diversity and pro-equality recruitment policies are indeed only trying to improve their public image.

I am not going to negate the importance of these policies to the individuals who get a job even if they are some public-relationships cheat.

It is really game changing for any one of any oppressed minority to get the opportunity to succeed and demonstrate themselves and others what they are worth.

And even, long term, it could have a great impact on the communities and in the culture, but if these companies are only cosmetically and superficially engaged with equality and diversity.

So I am in any case arguing against this kind of policies. Rather, the opposite, my point is that we must demand even more commitment and even deeper actions, because superficial approaches could be working in the opposite direction, if this allows corporations to get away with very damaging behaviors.

It would be the best way to know if they are really committed, to take a deep look at how those companies behave. Here on our countries, and also abroad too.

Some times, it could be very hard to know what are the corporations doing. They tend to keep their skeletons good hidden, and they are really good at that, especially abroad even more in the third world, and because they are not transparent enough to be aware of what are really doing globally  and their real intentions, we need some shortcut to have some evidence that prevent them to deceive us.

It is the best and easiest way to achieve this to take a look at the hiring process itself. It could be a good indication of diversity washing any policy that only care about the diversities that are popular out there, and they do not care at all about other diversities that have no presence in the media (like age, or medical conditions like Asperger).

Recapitulating. These policies are good even if they are only superficial, but we cannot let big corporations deceive us. Their change have to be profound and complete.

I am pretty sure that we agree on this. But even if we disagree, I will be glad to hear from you, and to learn how do you think and why. Which things I am not seeing or understanding. It is very good to have discrepancies if they help us to have a better understanding of the world.

I like a world in which diversity of opinion is encouraged, so let me know what I get wrong.