We are on a global crisis that affects every country and every community, and we need to join strengths and fight together, because this time either we fight together or we lose together, thus let's openFight this with openSource and openData.

openFight is a FLOSS software that allows people to make an auto-diagnosis based on their symptoms, and provides an anonymazed open data source for data-cientists to work with.

The application is easily and fully customizable using config files, so there is no need to touch the core code to make a version that fits the specific needs of a certain community or country.

This is a work in progress, and there still are a gool deal of features to add and testing to be done, but it looks great so far and it will look even greater when it was complete.

Let me take the oportunity to share with you the motivation behind this proyect with the hope you would agree with me.    


These are times for solidarity and cooperation because this is the only way to win this war, but also because we owe that. We need to give back to to world what the world has give us first. Some of us have been given with great education and opportunities that make us the men and women that we are now. So for instance myself, I am who I am because I have a whole society by my side teaching me, feeding me and providing me with protection and all kind of cares. Those who think that they are self-made people, are just fooling themselves.

The people who has give me more, are the older ones. They cannot be forgotten nor abandoned. In this war nobody should be scarified because, first, there is no need to and second, we owe them at least that.

But this is not just about taking care of the society, communities and people that have taken care of us first. It's also about winning this war, thus we need to use the best strategy, and this time, this strategy is:

we - fight - this - virus - together

You can ask yourself what is that you can do to help win this war. I have asked myself this very question, and I come out with an answer that suits my talents and skills and this is why I am doing openFight.